Educational attainment is very low in the DRC. According to the WEF, it has the second largest gender gap in the world (148 out of 149 – 2018 Global Gender Gap report).

• 66% of girls versus 88% of boys are considered very basically literate: -> 1/3 of Congolese women start life with not even the most basic level of literacy.
Less than 40% of girls receive a secondary education versus 61% of boys.
Less than 5% of women go on to higher education, verses 8.5% of men.

But with a regular income, things can change.

Most young women with a regular income will go back to school to finish their secondary education.
At least 10% of women with an income complete or are in the process of completing a university degree, which is twice the country’s average.
All of the women in employment provide a better and non-discriminatory education for their children.
All of the women invest 90% of their income in their immediate families and half of them will invest into buying their own house to have stability, while the other half can pay monthly rent regularly.

Since 2016, “Pour les Femmes” (PLF), an American brand of night and lounge wear, created by actress &activist Robin Wright and Karen Fowler, have committed to produce bespoke handmade collectionof pyjamas in Goma in the DRCongo.

Through sewing the pyjamas, tailors and embroiderers are able to maximise their talents while earning a fair and regular wage.

By doing so, PLF shows the women of the DRC that they are valued for what they can create – allowing them to move forward from their past and break the cycle of poverty and violence.

With their new skills, embroiderers and tailors can create a community of like-minded people who, in return, can support, mentor and teach one another across generational, gender and ethnic divides.